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Black and Hispanic owned businesses owning 51 percent within the Cincinnati region.

The Accelerator provides strategic planning and financial analysis and access to potential procurement and capital opportunities, as well as support for mergers and acquisitions along with education and networking opportunities.

Businesses that are outside the region can partner, acquire or expand into the Cincinnati region and be reviewed for acceptance into the MBA Accelerator.

There is no age restriction, but all owners must be legally able to execute and have leadership of their business.

The Accelerator region coverage is the Greater Cincinnati area including Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana and Southwest Ohio.

All firms have achieved a million in revenue and be a Black and Hispanic owned with 51 percent.

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All firms must be willing to share financials, customer lists and other key company data. Also, firms must be willing to be advised and responsive to growth opportunities for acceleration.

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The MBA Fund I is open to any high-potential MBE firms seeking growth equity capital for expansion as well as early-stage companies within the regions. The Fund is eligible to support MBE Firms acquiring majority firms for growth and expansions.

The MBA Fund I address the well-documented gaps and shortfalls in the availability and access to equity and growth capital for Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs for scalable business ventures. The Fund will provide support through equity investment, flexible debt financing, and revenue-based royalty financing.

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The MBA Fund I will target 75% to the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan (including Northern Kentucky, Southwest Ohio and Southeast Indiana) and 25% in neighboring cities and states with 5 hour drive radius.

The MBA Fund I is not accepting startups or ineligible industries stated by the Small Business Administration. If you anyone is unsure of their firm’s participation you can contact the Accelerator directly.

The MBA Fund I will support the following: Early Stage companies, Growth companies and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Early-Stage Growth: Emerging and scalable Black and Hispanic -owned firms (primarily in technology-based sectors) that require follow-on investment capital (generally at the Series A stage of investing) having secured earlier rounds of seed capital, gaining customer traction, yet unable to secure traditional venture capital from institution VC firms.

Growth Companies: Existing Black and Hispanic -owned firms of size (generally a minimum of $1 Million in annual revenues with a strong management team and operating history) requiring growth equity capital for any of a number of strategic investments to propel the business to the next level of growth to include, but not limited to investing in new systems or technology platforms, pivoting to a related or complementary product line or industry, expanding critical talent and human resources.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Business acquisitions consisting of mainstream (or non-minority) businesses with no identified business succession plan being acquired by highly vetted and credible Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs where growth opportunities exist leveraging Fortune 1000 supplier diversity initiatives post-acquisition.

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